A small difference

How are you all doing? I'm quietly enjoying a bit of a break over here.


Today I want to talk a bit about Haiti, though. This week, Elisabeth came home from her class with this little lenten offering collection tin. The kids were encouraged to collect money before the beginning of Lent (coming up so soon!) to donate to the people of Haiti. We've been thinking about more ways we can help.

And if you want to help, there are lots of ways.

Some of my friends are arranging donations through etsy shops.

Look at Melissa's beautiful work here.

Craft Hope's AMAZING shop here. (One of my dolls will be in that shop soon!)

Mama to Mama is a place to check -- the sidebar has lots of links to all sorts of craftivism opportunities, and it sounds like Amanda wants to do something for Haiti in the near future through Mama to Mama, so check that out.

Don't forget that, as others have said in the last few days, prayer and positive energy are also very powerful. Light a candle, hold your children tight, live your life in a conscious way.

And remember that many charities are in need -- if doing something right now for the people of Haiti doesn't happen for one reason or another, there are so many other things you can do to help people in need all over the world, and there will still be need when you're able to contribute -- financially, creatively, or otherwise. (We are working on some dresses for this organization, for example.)

Anyway, I know the blogs are all abuzz over this -- but we mothers can, and do, make differences all the time. We can make a difference right now. Please join me in doing so.