A week of awe -- day two

{Oops, I accidentally saved this as a draft instead of publishing last night! Sorry!}

As you probably know, I'm a classical cellist in addition to being mama to three wee ones. I do some performing, but most of my cello energies are directed toward my private studio. I love teaching lessons, I really do. But sometimes, I fall into a routine of dreading my teaching days. The house has to be cleaned, my kids need to be otherwise engaged, what if my babysitter calls in sick?, etc. Sometimes I lose sight of the amazing fact that I'm sharing a love of music with my students in favor of the annoying details of having a home studio.


This week, I was able to look past the details as I sat and listened to one of my older teen students play. I closed my eyes, the afternoon sun shining on my face, and listened as this student -- whose progress has been slow and rather inconsistent at times -- played her piece beautifully. It was a really ordinary moment, but it was also a real moment of awe, too. Just being present to witness this small transformation was a little bit of a miracle.

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What are you in awe of today?