You would tell me, right?

I was all set to be done with my little break today, and share a finished object or two. But instead, I woke up to this, and I have to say -- mamas, we have each other's backs, right? You would tell me if you saw someone stealing my content, wouldn't you? You wouldn't just let it go by, thinking, "Hmm, that seems like something I remember Grace having said," or "I think Grace made that very same project some time back," or, worst of all, "Huh, that looks like one of Grace's kids."

Blog theft is a violation, plain and simple. It's illegal, and it's unjustified. Those of us who choose to share snippets from our lives don't "deserve" to be stolen from. 

Blogging is vulnerable.

Some of what I've shared here, in this space, has been very private. My struggles with postpartum depression, for example. Some of it has been very intimate. The birth of my baby, for example. Some of it has been the best writing I've done in years. As bloggers, we give this to the world for free. Who knows what motivates us to share in this way? It doesn't ultimately matter. What matters is that it can't be taken and used without permission.

I would tell you. And I hope you would do the same for me.