Kids' Clothes Week Challenge progress

I had a little bit of sewing time today. I completed a quick and easy pair of much-needed pajamas for James, and a skirt for Elisabeth.

construction pajamas2

construction pajamas4

construction pajamas11

The pajamas were made using some flannel that I picked up as a remnant at JoAnn last year. It was probably about 3/4 of a yard; the perfect amount for a pair of pajama pants for a four-year-old. The "pattern" is an old tracing that I did years ago, and I've been adjusting it since then.

construction pajamas7

construction pajamas10

I picked up the t-shirt at Target a couple of years ago, thinking that I'd hang onto it to applique once it fit him (I liked the color combination of the yellow and navy). It doesn't coordinate perfectly with the pants, but I had it on hand, which made the project easy to start and complete in one sitting!

secret garden skirt

The skirt fabric is My Secret Garden (in blue) by Alexander Henry. I really wanted to get this in the pink colorway but that is nowhere to be found anymore. The skirt coordinates with a t-shirt that she got in her Easter basket this year. (It's in the wash right now, so pictures of the two together will have to wait. Also it's only about 34 degrees today, so this was the fastest spring skirt photo shoot on record!)

secret garden skirt2

I made the skirt in the same way that I made this one (almost exactly a year ago -- and wow, looking at those pictures, she has changed a lot in the last year!), but I used a 24" length of fabric so that it would be long enough for her to wear to church and other "nice" occasions.

On my list yet to complete:

*Two dresses for Fiona -- both are already begun

*One pair of pull-on pants for Fiona

*Two more skirts for Elisabeth (and maybe if I'm ambitious, a dress!)

*More pajamas for James and some for Elisabeth (or nightgowns for her)

*Shorts for James

*One or two shirts for James (maybe the Sketchbook Shirt from Oliver + S, or Kai's Shirt from Weekend Sewing)

I'll continue to post my progress this week, and maybe cross things off in this post as I go.

edited: I almost forgot! Did you see tonight's LOST? I almost died, they were really giving a lot of back story! Woohoo! (And *weep* that there are only two episodes left, EVER!)