Something to show

We have finally had two nice days. Sunday and Monday were just beautiful. Sun shining, temperatures rising (what a welcome thing after a week near freezing, with even a little bit of snow!)

We have very little to show for those two beautiful days. No new skirts or jammies or dresses were completed. The longie awaits grafting. The kitchen could use a good cleaning. We're in need of a trip to the market.

But, wait!

first leaves

We noticed the leaf buds on the trees opening.

bare + green

And the way some trees are bare and some are pale green.


We played outside and got dirty and had baths.


We appreciated the colors of our supper.


And the light in the kitchen.

back door

We danced at the back door, nursed a sick dog, patched a bike tire, saw a beautiful film (which you should all go watch, right now), ate our dinner on the porch, visited with grandma.

We read together in a big pile while the twilit evening of springtime breathed into mama's bedroom window. We fell asleep to the sound of rain and thunder, and looked forward, our hearts open wide, to the coming days.

I guess we have something to show, afterall.