Bad luck Tuesday

We've had quite a day:


(She took a tumble while rough-housing. Yikes.) She's in basically a full-body cast. No walking, no crawling, no (real) sitting, no swimming pool, and no cloth diapers until July 6! It has been so stressful, our little one in pain, all day (or so it seemed) at the doctor.

On top of that, my best lens, which I sent in for repair last November (you might remember?) spontaneously stopped focusing (in either auto or manual) today. Of course, the repair is no longer under warranty.

I can't believe I've been away from this space for as long as I have been. Up until the events of today, I was thinking, "Well, we're just finding our summer rhythm, maneuvering our way through new things," etc. What a shock to our systems today has been!

I do have peonies, and rhubarb cobbler, and our very first swim meet to write about. So, when I've recovered my nerves, I hope to be back here over the next few days to share those things!