In the cast...

Wow, I'm so sorry I've been away for so long. There are lots of bloggers out there who continue to post through tough times -- sometimes sharing pieces of their challenges, and sometimes choosing to focus on other things. I've discovered that I'm not really one of them, for whatever reason. In a way, it doesn't make all that much sense, because plenty of ordinary living (and even making!) happens around here, even in times of stress. But for some reason, I find that I have less to say when I'm under stress. So, there you go.

in the cast

Anyway, having a child in a spica ("spike-uh") cast has pretty much knocked me on my back! Nothing could really have prepared me. There's the constant itching, the ripping at the cast, the inability to sleep. There's the annoying diapering situation. (Though very validating of my preference for cloth diapers!) There's the whining and immobility of a toddler who'd rather be toddling. There's the feeling of being held hostage at home.

There are good things, too. There are friends who have brought meals, cleaned, and come over just to sit with me. There are friends who have stepped up with rides to swim meets for Elisabeth (at 5:30 in the morning!), and to take James out for some time away. There is a little "roly" (a board with small ball bearing wheels on the bottom, and foam and fabric over the top that my friend Meghan fashioned for us) that Fiona can lay on and scoot around with (until she gets bored after a few minutes....) There is the community that has prayed for us, offered advice, encouragement, and support of all kinds. There are tons of resources out there. There is lots of reading, holding, and talking to our littlest girl.

in the cast

There's the fact that we only have two weeks left.

I didn't intend for this to become a whole post on its own -- it was meant to be an introduction to a different post about Midsummer Night, and our visit from the fairies. I'll write that one up too and publish it tomorrow! (I promise!)

Until then!