Thank you for your sweet comments about our wild cat costumes! They were fun to make and much more fun to wear, I think!

Today, I have two more Halloween sewing projects to share with you. I have made each of my children's trick-or-treat bags, and this year I made one for Fiona and one for my little niece, as well.

fiona's trick-or-treat bag

Fiona's -- so perfect with the happy little kitties! I love the fact that the jack o' lanterns are sitting on steps with leaves falling, too.

helen's trick-or-treat bag

My niece's -- my sister chose this fabric from my stash (blue is my sister's favorite color)

handle detail

The ghosts have little sparkles on them!

all three bags

The bags measure about 10" wide by 11" high (not inlcuding the straps). (They are all the same size -- I don't know why James's, in the center, looks so much smaller in this picture.) When I made Elisabeth's (on the left), she was 18 months old and it was an easy size bag for her to carry. The added benefit was that it didn't hold too much candy (at least, that's what I thought). However, I've since discovered that these bags actually hold a deceptively large amount of candy and I wouldn't want anything bigger than these at all! (They might hold up to three pounds or so -- luckily we've never filled them up beyond about halfway, but also believe me that we have more candy in this house right now than any of us know what to do with!)

I have quite an array of Halloween fabric because I usually pick up a half-yard when I see some I like -- I always figure that there will be more trick-or-treat bags to make, if not for my own kids, then for someone. It was nice that I had everything on hand to make the two bags this year, because I ended up whipping them up at the last minute. (Hmm. No surprises there, I guess.)

trick-or-treat bags

Anyway, these are a quick little project, but sometimes quick projects are the best kind, don't you think?