In progress


As you all probably remember, we have a tradition for Martinmas of gifting our children with a new warm item of clothing. I like them to be handknit, of course, and I set the bar pretty high for myself last year by knitting three sweaters.

This year I also decided to knit sweaters, as they each really need one. But I'm so behind! I'm crossing my fingers that I can finish in time, but we'll see!

With that said, we are sick at our house. A stomach bug has been going through, as well as head colds, and I have mastitis for the very first time, ever, in 8 1/2 years of nursing. So I'm going to spend this week trying to recover and do some knitting. I will still be posting each day, but I will probably wait until the end of the week to reply to comments. I really love the conversation we have in the comments, and I try hard to respond to as many as I can. I will get back to that just as soon as I can. Please know that I will be reading them and really appreciate each and every one.