A first

Today I did something I've never done before: cut hair. I have lots of friends who regularly cut their children's, their husbands', even their own hair. I have always been way too intimidated to even try. But with my two guys' hair growing ever more shaggy and overgrown, and income in November being quite slow, well ... I put those clippers and scissors that have been in the bottom bathroom cabinet for the last two years to use!



I used to assume that I'd keep James's hair on the long side. But he was such a baldy, for so long, that those long locks don't seem to fit. So we like to keep his hair pretty short. My husband also likes his hair on the very short side, so hair maintenance for them is much more complicated than it is for the girls in our house. (I had my hair cut in August, for the first time since 2008.)


Anyway, I am super proud of myself. (Sorry the pictures aren't very good -- my little model is very uncooperative these days. Sigh. And my big model prefers anonymity.) I mean, they actually look like "real" haircuts. Our usual old-time barber does a better job (I swear he is Edward Scissorhands; the scissors seem to be part of his hand, they move so naturally), but these will tide them over until next month when they'll get better cuts before Christmas.


It's funny, when posting daily, the kinds of things that are shared in this space that would normally be skipped over. I really like it. :)