Wherein we look at lots of pictures of a corduroy dress


I sewed a new dress for Fiona last week or so.


It was fun to take an evening to sew ... I haven't had the chance to do it since right before Christmas, between sickness and busyness.


Anyway, I had the idea of a yoke dress like this, with a very high "waist" (where the skirt attaches to the bodice in the armscye rather than beneath it) for a while. This style doesn't seem as popular these days. I have a few vintage patterns for this style, but none in Fiona's size. So I just decided to make my own pattern and I'm glad I went for it.


It turned out almost exactly as I wanted it to. (I would make it a bit less full and with a larger neck opening if I did it again, but otherwise I love it.)


The fabric is a fine-wale corduroy from the fall at JoAnn. I used two small vintage white buttons but otherwise left it unadorned -- partly due to lack of time (I really needed a sit-and-finish project, if you know what I mean), and partly because I just wanted to experiment with a basic design and look. The back uses a continuous bound placket, which is now easy for me after my first struggle with it on the bird dresses.


Although I just sketched out a pattern using basic proportions from some of Fiona's other clothing as a guide, I keep meaning to buy the master patterns from Children's Fashion Workshop. I think my clothing design skills would improve a lot if I used that resource to its fullest!

almost two

Someone is looking very two-ish to me these days, as we approach a big day on Saturday! (Wow, already?!?!?)

Anyway, this was a fun project to see to fulfillment -- from designing the pattern to sewing it, all in an evening -- and I'm really fantasizing about getting some more things made in the coming weeks! The best of all, though, was trying it on my wee one, and the joy of seeing her wear something that I had created just for her. That's why we do it, isn't it?