Two years old!


I can hardly believe that it has been two whole years since we welcomed this little one into our family.

fiona two1

fiona two2

fiona two3

Ane yet, here she is, filling our home, lives, and hearts with her particular blend of sweetness and stubborness, determination and delicacy, playfulness, thoughtfulness, and fun.

fiona two4

fiona two5

fiona two6

I'm amazed, constantly, by the individuality of each one of my children. You sort of think, "Oh, three kids, I've got this figured out." But each of them is so amazing; growing, changing, becoming themselves in their own wonderful ways. A father of eight children that I know once remarked, "If you want to know at what age children reach certain milestones, ask the parent of an only child. After eight, I certainly don't know!" I think that says exactly what I'm thinking today, as I look at my new two-year-old, who has less to say than her siblings did at this age, but at the same time, so much more to say. She is, without a doubt, the most determined and stubborn of my three; almost fearless. And yet, she is so delicate and tender. A little bit small for her age, a little more prone to sickness and injury. We definitely baby her. And I'm really, really OK with that.

fiona two7

She is our baby. Our sweet, fierce, loving, precious baby.

fiona two8

She's so ready to be a big girl. And I know that so much will unfold in this magical year of Two. I can't wait.