twenty pink, one red

Today is a cold, gray day. It's getting on to dinner time, and I haven't made it out to the store. My house is a bit chaotic. But these tulips -- twenty pink and one red -- are cheering me up.

I haven't been here much this year. Partly, of course, I've been in a funk. But also, technical difficulties have been so prevalent for me over the last few years, and they really started to accelerate in the last few months. We have had a series of old/slow/bad computers. Actually, it is amazing what I have accomplished on them. All but one have been very old. The one brand-new PC we purchased in 2008 was already acting up within 6 months, and by 18 months later, was crashing frequently (it's how I ended up losing more than 6 months of photos last spring -- and yes, they were even on a back-up drive). 

So, we finally invested in a Mac this week, after much worrying over expense and so on. And I'm so glad we did. Everything is easier, smoother, clearer, cleaner ... it's going to make things so much easier. 

Will having a new computer make it easier for me to be here more? Yes, it will. Of course, I'll still need to think of things to talk about. And that funk with blogging is a very real thing. But at least I won't have to worry about it taking 12 or more hours to upload photos (as it did with my last post), while crashing several times in the midst of it. 

Here's to having tools appropriate to the job!