And finally ... Last autumn's knits, part 3

Oops, sorry for the delay in getting this final installment of Last Autumn's Knits up. But I saved the best for last!

ella funt5

You've already seen quite a few peeks of this sweater. It's Ella Funt by Pamela Wynne and is by far my favorite of the three sweaters -- both for the beauty of the finished object and the ease and clarity of the pattern. (Details and Ravelry notes here.)

ella funt1

ella funt2

fiona, ella

fiona, ella

fiona, ella

Anyway, I don't have too much to say, other than "I love it". I officially completed this one first (in early February), and Fiona has worn it a lot since then. It's been washed quite a few times already. It's nice and roomy and will probably fit her all of next winter, too. It is beautiful and I am so pleased with it.

ella funt4

And guess what, I cast off another sweater for Fiona today and have yarn in hand for three more! I'm nothing if not ambitious. :)