Summer reading

So, it's been ages since I really cleared out and updated the "Reading" list on the right-hand side of this blog. This is mostly because we haven't read anything new in a super long time. We seem to be just cycling through the same kids' books over and over lately. It's great for Fiona, who is getting to enjoy many books for the first time. But it's getting old for everyone else.


Elisabeth has been reading like a fiend, having devoured almost half this stack in the last few days. So these aren't going to last long at that rate.

We really need some summer reading recommendations! For the full age-range of our entire clan. 

Great picture books.

Fantastic chapter books for the 9-year-old set.

The best of what's out there for mamas.

PLEASE jump in with some suggestions in the comments! We are in desperate need! (Don't be shy. Even if you think we've already read what you have to suggest, you never know. Favorites of your family today, favorites of your own as a child ... please!!!)