A week in the life : Tuesday

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week in the life tuesday

Yesterday, we:

-had potato and leftover pulled pork hash, watermelon, and orange juice for breakfast

-went to James's swimming lesson

-I knitted exactly half a row at the pool

-went to our neighborhood health food store (where I used to do most of our grocery shopping, but with a bigger family, more expenses, etc., we now carefully choose the things that are most important to buy there)

-laughed at a funny dog in the car parked next to us

-stopped for a (rare) treat at Dairy Queen

-came home and built little forts in the living room

-read lots of books

-worked and worked on dolls

-simple lunch and supper of leftovers and fresh produce from our CSA were quickly prepared by Elisabeth while I worked the afternoon and evening away

-Daddy got home at 8pm, after his first afternoon marching band practice (he thinks this will be typical for at least the first half of the season)

-I stayed up super late, working, and also reading (I have summer homework that I haven't even looked at yet! Oops!)

Thanks for your kind feedback after the first day! This feels like a much different type of blogging than I'm used to. I'm glad to see that it's receiving a warm reception, because it feels so foreign and strange to me, but also fun and freeing!