21 October

Thanks for sharing our excitement regarding Millie! We are so happy to have her, what fun it is to enjoy the antics of a kitten!

21 october

Today is a lovely warm autumn day, with the smell of dry leaves on the air. I have a big pot of beans cooking for supper. I spent a bit of time seriously researching the method for the one piece of attire I'll be required to construct for this year's Halloween costumes (a bit of a departure since before this, all of my children's costumes have been completely sewn by me -- and for the last 5 years, they've all been documented here, too!). Today is my husband's last day of marching band! (Which began on July 5! I'm so looking forward to having him home a bit more ... since August 1, he's been away an average of 70-80 hours a week, which is too much and has been exhausting for everyone.)

21 october

21 oct3

21 october

A new magazine and my knitting are beckoning. My children are playing hide and seek (all three! together! it feels like a small miracle!). Two animals are snoozing happily. I have a glass of seltzer to enjoy. 

21 oct1

It's kind of a perfect day. 

Wishing you a weekend full of this kind of simple perfection.