7 November

You all might remember my little tradition of knitting a new item of clothing for my children each fall. Two years ago, I got ambitious and knitted three sweaters. Last year I thought I'd do that, but didn't finish them until the spring. Still, this summer I picked out yarn and patterns to try and complete three more sweaters in time for Martinmas (which is this Friday). Currently I have one sweater about half done, and two not yet begun. I'm adjusting my goal to complete them by Christmas, because I have the yarn in hand, and they would be gifts that I wouldn't have to pay for in the coming weeks! Fingers crossed....

7-hour toddler girl's sweater19

7-hour toddler girl's sweater4

But this summer, I did complete a little sweater for Fiona that was NOT intended to be her Martinmas sweater. While researching patterns for baby Sid's sweater, I came across this toddler girls' version on Ravelry, with sort of faux-bobbles. SO cute. I had some white yarn and a perfect button, so I whipped it out at the pool in the first part of the summer. Fiona has been wearing it a lot this fall.

7-hour toddler girl's sweater18

7-hour toddler girl's sweater14

The pattern is the Seven-hour Toddler Girls' Sweater. I love it! I did knit it over the course of a few weeks since I seemed to be only able to knit a row here and there on it, but I'm guessing it really was just about 7 hours of work. I made the sleeves and the body longer since it was supposed to be an 18-month size and my girl is just about a 3T now, although she's very slim. I also altered the number of cast-on stitches to make the neck a little wider, which necessitated reducing the number of increases in the first increase round. Ravelry notes here. (It doesn't really pull apart at the neck as much as it seems to in these photos. I think it just needed blocking when I took these.)

7-hour toddler girl's sweater13

7-hour toddler girl's sweater21

The yarn is my usual Malabrigo worsted, and the button is from Apples and Eggs on Etsy.

7-hour toddler girl's sweater9

The resulting sweater is soft, and sweet, and simple, and she loves it. I love knitting for this little cupcake.

7-hour toddler girl's sweater16