9 November

My goodness, this November's blogging challenge is a bit by the seat of my pants compared to last year, when I had planned lots of posts out in advance! It's fun but a little crazy!

late autumn4

late autumn6

late autumn2

late autumn3

I've been amazed this week by the light and how it's already feeling so much like late autumn (even though I know autumn technically has 5 or 6 weeks remaining). Yesterday, I really had this feeling like it was almost winter. I'm excited. I really am. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, and that transition time between the two is really magical.

In that vein (I think), I wanted to make sure you'd seen this film. It's been going around, but if you haven't seen it, you should. It's a murmuration of starlings in the UK and it is breathtaking. 

And, also wondering if you'd spied this amazing cake in the latest issue of MSL. Oh, my! I love a good candle pyramid, and on top of a cake?! Oh, the goodness there! I think I'd like to try my hand at it, although I'm sure it'd be a ton of work to put together. Still, you'd be able to save the parts from year to year. Does anyone know where to find those lovely slender green taper candles?