28 November

{I'm sorry this post didn't show up last night, I guess I actually just hit "save as draft" instead of "publish"!}


The big exciting news that I alluded to last night was that James lost his first tooth yesterday! None of us (not even him) noticed it was loose until sometime in the middle of last week, and by then it was very loose. Everyone was so excited!

By last night, it was so wiggly that he didn't feel like he could brush his teeth comfortably, so he asked me to pull it. I haven't had to pull very many of Elisabeth's teeth (maybe one or two of the 15 she's lost), so I felt a little uncertain about how it would go (would it hurt?), but it just popped right out! So I guess it was time!


The Tooth Fairy arrived last night with a gift of a tooth pouch, just as she had for Elisabeth, and her customary note in "curly letters" (handwriting so very different from mine!) I hadn't quite anticipated him losing his tooth on that day, so I didn't have the chance to go buy some unfamiliar fabric for his pouch. I had kind of a lot -- over a yard -- of this (I'll have to go check the selvedge later to tell you what it is ... I've totally forgotten) stashed away in a forgotten sack so I figured they wouldn't have seen it downstairs in my workspace, and it was masculine enough that I decided to use it. The one downside is that I won't be able to use this lovely fabric for anything else now! (My kids are very observant.)

This pouch came out too big but it was kind of thrown together without measuring! Oh, well. I don't think anyone minds. 

What an exciting milestone! I have to say, all the "firsts" of my children just keep getting more exciting over time, and with each subsequent child. Maybe it's because there are more people to be excited about them! I don't know, but it really just keeps getting better.