3 January

Right now I'm enjoying a brief moment of complete silence. My eldest child is occupied outdoors. My middle child and his daddy are enjoying a day out, a kind of city expedition, I think. My littlest one is napping cozily.

I'm thinking of trying again to do a photo-a-day project this year. I've been thinking about it, and then reconsidering, over the last few days. Last year I took photos through most of March but only published them through about February. The uploading was a hassle, honestly. But after seeing this, from last January, I think I'm going to try again. 

january 2011

These images are so warm and happy and joyful to me. Looking at them, I'm so glad that they're here, collected together. And they've helped me to remember so much about that time in our lives. Looking at these, I know exactly what the thrilling news on the 14th was, the small pleasures and the hardships on the 20th, the worry on the 21st, the inconvenient errand on the 29th, the chilly, beautiful afternoon on the 5th, the dinner and movie (even what dinner and what movie!) with my mom on the 9th. Oh, having these together is such a treasure.

So, starting again, here are the first three images of this year. (You can click through to see descriptions of each.)




2012, I think you are off to a great start.