happy birthday mama

Here I am, here I am! After more than a month of sickness (antibiotics were finally procured yesterday, in desperation), a broken toe, a 30-hour power outage, a great deal of snow, the beginning of Lent, exhaustion, and just keeping afloat, I wondered if I'd really ever be back here. And in the midst of that, we had our back-to-back birthdays on Saturday and Sunday. I turned 34, and my little lady, well, she somehow turned three.

fiona three1

Three. I don't know, it seems like a good number of years. I look at my little one, so expressive, honest, independent, as she transforms from a baby into a little girl, and I think she might be the prettiest of my three, and the hardest to predict. That's saying something, because I'm partial to the looks of my older two. And they are nothing if not spirited and unpredictable. But, ah, that's how it goes with these littlest ones, I think.

fiona three4

I have so much I could say about her, my lovely little lady. She's quiet but not shy; she's feminine but not prissy; she's strong-willed but not overbearing. She's opinionated, but unlike her siblings and me, not high-strung in the least. I am utterly amazed by her.

fiona three2

I cannot believe that in three more years she will be six. Bittersweet. So very bittersweet.

In other news, I have several finished knits to share in the coming days. 

Hoping that this month that I spent away found all of you well -- happy, blessed, and healthier than I!