26 April

Only picture

I only took one picture today. 

Last night, after I finished my homework at 1:00am, I discovered that the printer was out of ink. So, this morning before class, I had to rush out to get another cartridge. But somehow, I thought I needed the blue cartridge, but it was actually one of the other colors that was out. Oops.

My husband had taken James with him to work today, and the girls stayed home alone (for the first time!) while I went to class. I was nervous about it, but they were fine, and my class is less than 5 minutes from our house, anyway.

Class was wonderful; the lecture was on the book of Ephesians and it was beautiful. My teacher this year has a way of lecturing that is so illuminating, convicting, and edifying all at once. This is my second year in my program and so far both teachers I've had have been amazing. I'm so looking forward to the next two years!

When I got home, I found out that my stent removal, which was supposed to be this afternoon, had been cancelled. I was really disappointed, because I've had a stent now for more than 6 weeks and it's really painful. It turns out that they can get me in tomorrow morning, and while less convenient, I took the appointment.

I had a terrible headache most of the afternoon (so unusual for me -- I tend to only get headaches every couple of years!), and after Elisabeth's piano lesson, I ended up taking a long nap while the kids ran wild out back. We had nachos for supper.

There was a spectacular rainstorm this evening after the sun went down. It smelled amazing!

Hopefully tomorrow, after I get my stent out, I'll feel more energized.