Ready or not

We closed on our house the day after Mother's Day, and we've spent every one of the last 10 days over there pulling off wallpaper, spackling, painting, pulling out kitchen cabinets, getting carpet installed, and on and on.

The new house is not ready for us to move in quite yet, and the old house is not ready for us to vacate it quite yet, but here we are and today is moving day, whether we're ready or not. Actually, we had hoped to move a few days later but our schedule was kind of dictated by truck availability.

Here are a handful of recent (phone) photos ... more to come.

Last project if the first night. Before.

And after.

Wallpaper. This took a full week to get down.

Brass-colored PLASTIC light fixture. Oh, 1979.

E's bedroom

Ignore the ugly fixture, but notice the sun coming in on the lively "Glass of Milk" white walls. J & F's bedroom.

Back yard view

Comedy of errors

New piano

We are all so exhausted.

I miss knitting. Or anything else not moving related.

Like I said.