Yesterday my husband and I celebrated thirteen years of marriage. 


I was thinking about where we are now, and where I imagined, as a 21-year-old bride, we'd be after thirteen years. Today we have three kids, a house, a teaching job. I think I pictured us having a house, a pile of kids, and a teaching job of a different kind (originally my husband was looking to pursue a career in higher education, rather than high school). What has surprised me is the meandering road it's taken to get to that point, the way it feels to live this life day to day, and the actual where we live (I expected us to move to another state, rather than staying in my home state). 

Still, thirteen years seems pretty impressive. We've hit the teens! My mom gave us an anniversary memory book for our first anniversary, and at fifteen, it starts skipping years (just every five, and then every ten, years). I remember looking at that in the first few years of our marriage and thinking we had ages until it started skipping! Not so, now!

I'm happy, excited, and proud of these thirteen years we have under our belt together, and looking forward to what the next thirteen will bring.