29 September

First week

This week I decided to complete a little bit of extra work on the Winterwoods ABCs sampler. In order to finish by the first day of winter, we need to complete two letters and one to two motifs a week. I thought it would be good to try to frontload it because you never know what's going to come up. But I didn't want to finish it too quickly because I want to have something to stitch on through the fall, so I limited myself to the three letters and two motifs I completed this week.

I'm happy with my progress and am having such a good time stitching this! The variegated floss that comes in the kit is amazing! At first, I was wondering if it would really be a big deal but it adds so much depth and interest to the design. (Sorry the light is so bad in the above photo, you can't really get a great idea for the variegation there, but it's subtle and so lovely! This is meant to be a quick, no pressure photo, with no necessary blog post or link up, so I didn't want to take too much time styling the photo or finding the perfect light in my house.)

I'm so excited about how this is going to look and can't wait to have it hanging in my living room!