19 October



Week 4

I didn't finish Elisabeth's costume on Wednesday like I hoped, but I'm resolving to complete it by the end of Saturday, and James's on Sunday. (His is not as hard, since I don't have to figure it out as I go.) I haven't knit a stitch in the last few days. I have, however, completed a lot of the sampler because, well, I just can't stop! (Speaking of Alicia, I'm sure you heard her news! So, so, so exciting!)

Today is one of those days that's colder inside than outside, but even opening the windows doesn't seem to draw the warmer air in. We're all in slippers and I feel like I should be wearing gloves as I type this. 


I got some new yarn, from my supplier. It's like crack, this stuff. It'll be James's Christmas vest and I can't wait to knit it!

Other thoughts: I want glasses. Or at least reading glasses, which I don't need. One of my cello students quit on Monday in a kind of crappy way, which has had me down more than it should. We've been trying to keep Millie in all the time since we got an "anonymous" threat to her on our door last month. We've been mostly successful. (It was anonymous, but we know who did it. Neighbors can be strange.)

I think next week, I will post about our favorite things to have for lunch (including my spaetzle recipe). Care to join me? We can call it "Lunch Week".