17 November

I know the conventional wisdom of blogging is never to share a big post on a weekend, or really even a Monday or Friday. But who cares about conventional wisdom? This is exciting!





We brought this little lady home today. Her name is Daisy. She's 8 weeks old. We love her already.

Long ago, when she was only three years old, Elisabeth started begging to get a puppy. We told her that she could get one when she was ten, hoping that would put her off. Of course, she never forgot that promise (it was a rookie parenting mistake). Last year, when Lucy's health was beginning to decline, we told Elisabeth that we couldn't get a puppy until Lucy had passed because we didn't think it would be fair to her, whether that happened in time for the magic age of ten or not. 

Well, Lucy did pass just before Elisabeth's tenth birthday but by then we were focused on moving, and far too grief-stricken to consider a new dog just yet. But since the beginning of fall, the thought of getting another dog had started to be on our minds, and we began to keep an eye out. When the circumstances to adopt this pup fell into place, we were delighted. 

Maybe someday Daisy will be still long enough for me to get a better picture of her face. Until then, we are so excited to have her. Even the cat is only mildly grumpy about the whole thing. 

Puppies really are magical.