19 November

OK, this post is going to make me feel a little foolish. I finished this sweater on Janurary 31 of this year. I had it blocked within two days, and photographed on February 3. I originally uploaded the photos to Flickr on March 6. (I just changed the upload date so they'd show up first in my stream, but they really were uploaded for almost 9 months.) It has taken me that long to make this post. I don't know why. I guess my priorities have just been elsewhere, especially with moving and doing renovations on the house and whatnot.

green sweater1

green sweater4

green sweater6

green sweater7

Anyway. Ravelry notes are here, including the link to the pattern that this sweater is extremely loosely based on. In reality, I made my own top-down pullover using my own gauge and numbers. The only things I did that were the same as in the pattern was the short-row neck shaping and the same type of increases for the raglan sleeves. I used totally different math everywhere else, I added stitches under the arms where there weren't any in the original pattern, and I did something different with the garter stitching on the front. However, it's still heavily inspired by the original. The yarn is Quince & Co. Puffin in Parsley, my most "James-y" color. I love, love this color for him.

green sweater2

green sweater5

I really love this sweater and it looks great on James. It still fits him, thanks to my careful washing and blocking. He proudly tells people that "it's a sweater that can be used as a coat." It's very thick and warm and really is like a light coat for him on chilly days. I'm glad that it still fits him because it's a really useful garment.

There isn't much else to say about the sweater, except I love it.

And I love seeing the snow in these pictures, can't wait for more snow like this!