22 February

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When I was a little girl, every time we'd go to a new physician (which happened a handful of times -- retirements, moves, insurance changes), my mom would say, "Look at my daughter's tonsils. They are the size of large grapes. I don't think they are supposed to touch each other and inhibit her breathing every time she gets sick." The response was always the same: "Well, they are really big, but tonsillectomies have really fallen out of fashion."

Thirty years later, I still get sick more than most people I know. My kids catch a cold or two each winter; Fiona usually throws up a few times. My husband usually catches one serious bug and a couple of other minor ones, but he's a teacher -- he's exposed to "everything", right? It makes sense he'd catch a few more things than our healthy, homeschooled children. But I catch everything. And it lingers and lingers. 

Today, I'm on Day 14 of the worst cold I've had this season (and I've already had a few). It's probably going to progress to bronchitis. Last year, the year before, and a couple of years before that, I had bronchitis that progressed to pneumonia. (I understand and fully appreciate the reluctance to prescribe anitbiotics these days, with more and more antibiotic-resistant illnesses. But it's hard to get anyone to believe me that I probably need them, even when I have been coughing for 6 straight weeks. My children have never had antibiotics, so I'm not a "drug seeker". Ha!)

I don't know if it's really my tonsils. But I do know I have a long and irritating relationship with winter colds. And I am so tired of it. 

Two weekends ago, my husband and I had the chance to go to a nice hotel for a night (we had a gift certificate). My mom had the kids, and we were so excited to spend the evening out, enjoying dinner out, listening to live music at our favorite place, room service in the morning. Within a few minutes of checking into the hotel, I was hit with my cold symptoms from out of nowhere. We ended up staying in, I was asleep before 9:00, my husband had to run out to Walgreens for palliative measures. It wasn't fun. I'm tired of being sick.

I know, this is just a downer blog post right before the weekend. But I've got nothing else. I've spent the last two full weeks in bed, 4 of those days with serious laryngitis. My spirits are down.

I'm going to the doctor today. I hope they can do something for me. We have birthdays next week! I want to be well enough to enjoy them. 

{Oh! By the way! My blog has its own domain name now. You can get here via www.uncommon-grace.com now! The Typepad address still works as well. Please note the hyphen in the name. My "actual" domain is still owned by evil GoDaddy and they want over $4,000 for it!}