1 March

We've had a little something going on behind the scenes this winter. Well, "little" in size but big in other ways! 

We have a new baby on the way, due in late June! It's hard to even put it all into words, but we are absolutely beyond excited about this new little one! 

for a certain new someone

for a little someone

booties for someone new

knitting for a little someone

I've been feeling quite awful, as I always do during pregnancy (compounded by my series of colds), but everything is well with the baby and now, past the halfway point of the pregnancy, things are beginning to seem more real. 

With a summer baby, there's not much to be knitted for those early newborn days, but I'm starting to feel the urge to make things for the baby. I started with this little diaper wrap and moved on to booties yesterday. It is so exciting to have baby things on the needles again.

I'm a little amazed thinking that in only four months, we will have someone to wear them!