30 September


It has been a month since I've been in this space! It seems to be a vicious cycle. The more time away, the easier it is to stay away, the harder it is to think of posts, and on and on. 

But I couldn't let September pass without a single post. 

suddenly so big

golden light


In the last few days, it's suddenly felt like autumn, and I'm so glad to be welcoming my favorite season, and my favorite month tomorrow. It's been a year since I started stitching my Winterwoods sampler. It's been almost a year since we found out we were expecting John. Almost six months since my husband found out his contract wouldn't be renewed. Just over three months since John's birth. 

So many ways of measuring time. It seems like that's what we do: measure time; count the days, weeks, months, years. I can be so impatient in the moment, but as my oldest child approaches 12, I realize in ever clearer ways that I don't really want time to move on. I so wish we could stay where we are now. But, no. They grow up, these babies of ours. Bittersweet.

some knitting

three months old


We've got a new "school" routine going that is actually working for us. We're doing some projects around the house. (Hello, baseboards!) I'm knitting again. So many things to share! And on Saturday, I'm participating in a blog tour and book giveaway, so I hope you'll stop by.