5 November


...James had to get a filling (darn genetics -- my husband has had so many cavities and my own dad's teeth are even worse, despite conscientious oral hygiene). I love our pediatric dentist. He and his team are so good, and they're so sweet to our family.

...I voted.

...we went to the grocery store and John rode in the cart next to Fiona. I wouldn't have put him there except Fiona was tired and wanted to ride up top and I figured she'd give John something to lean against. 

...is Elisabeth's namesday/saint day/patronal feast day -- the feast of St. Elizabeth. She chose to have this salad for dinner and to go to candlelight mass later tonight with her daddy. So sweet.

* * *

One of these days soon, I will do a proper post on the computer. But phone posting is quick and handy!

5 November

5 November