7 November


I was recently asked to review a copy of the magazine Mingle. Although I don't have the readership numbers that I once had, I'm always flattered when anyone asks me to review something, so I said why not. Mingle is a large, colorful, well laid-out magazine put out by Stampington, who also publishes Artful Blogging and a few other similar magazines. One of the things I like about their line of magazines is the quality. They are all large, on heavyweight paper, with beautiful photography and styling. I've always been a magazine connoisseur since I was a little girl, so I appreciate nice-quality magazines. (Someday I might write more about my magazine love.)

Mingle, summer

Mingle is full of creative ideas for parties and get-togethers. The Autumn 2013 issue has ideas for showers, New Year's and 4th of July Gatherings, a cute kids' gingerbread party, a funky Edgar Allan Poe themed wedding, and lots more. 

Disneyland party!

My very favorite, however, was this Disneyland-themed birthday party. Remember a couple years ago when I hesitantly admitted to being a Michael Jackson fan? I feel like I'm about to do another crazy revelation (that might also ruin my "image" -- haha -- in a similar manner), but I love Disneyland. Like, I crazy love it. I've only been twice ever, but I am kind of obsessed with it. I watch documentaries about it and have books about it and stuff. I'm not into Disney movies, characters, merchandise, or anything else, but oh, how I love a good theme park and there's nothing like Disneyland. 

Anyway, I might have squealed a little when I saw the Disneyland-themed birthday party. Or whatever. 


So, big Disneyland tangent aside, Mingle is a lot of fun. And.... one of you will get your own free copy! Leave a comment on this post and I'll choose a winner early next week. Your magazine will be mailed directly to you from Stampington so I will put them in touch with you. Good luck!