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tiny pumpkins

Oh, my! I am still trying to work things out here ... I am not, shall we say, a computer person! Creating the banner was about the most headachy computer thing I have ever done (the fact that my camera just came 3 weeks ago and I still haven't totally figured out the computer end there, either, is a contributing factor). But anyway, here I am! I have photos up on flickr now, too. I'm sure that there will be more in that arena as my patience with the computer allows.

For now, here are a couple Halloween pictures of my wee ones. More to come!

halloween butterfly & caterpillar

butterfly & mermaid : trick-or-treat

halloween butterfly

Edited: A couple of my friends looked at this post and emailed me to ask where I got the butterfly and caterpillar costumes. Well, I'm sorry (or happy?) to say that I made them, using patterns from an old (fall 2001) issue of Martha Stewart Baby. Elisabeth suggested butterfly & caterpillar costumes for them at the end of August, and I remembered the patterns almost right away. Sewing all the markings onto both sides of the wings was time consuming (for me -- I'm so into instant gratification, you know), but otherwise, the costumes were pretty easy.