Apple pie

peeling apples

I took the wee ones to pick apples the first weekend in October. It was a perfect, sunny, beautiful afternoon (and all the photos are still in my film camera -- bad, bad mama!).

Then time escaped us for two weeks, as it seems to do, until we finally set to work making the apple pie. The baby took a nice long nap, and Elisabeth and I had a free afternoon to just work on the pie. I am always amazed by the way children absorb things without needing to have them laboriously explained. It was as though she already knew how to make the pie, even though this was really her first time to be involved in the process. (Pie, is, um, my second favorite thing -- after wool! -- and so I have to strictly limit how often they are made here.)

rolling out the dough

I thought this was really the perfect pie. It was so beautiful, and tasted so good, and Elisabeth did do so much of the work. I cannot really take too much of the credit for the beauty of the finished product:

Apple Pie!