Felt Fanatic

I know it's going to appear as though I'm copying this post, but I swear that this was the very first post I was planning, beginning it on November 15. But, you know, things just seem to get away from me, and then I was having some technical issues (well, actually they were more like Grace-computer interface issues, but we won't talk about that.) So, here is my long-planned, long-awaited felt post.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fanatic about felt. My mom got my sisters and me started on making these felt dolls when I was about nine, and they became the focus of much crafting and play. Here are three of the 30 or so that we made over the years -- and they all had incredibly realistic accessories from toothpaste to newspapers ... it was very detailed. (By the way, the third one is "on" a bike.)

Felt doll - ca. 1990Felt doll - ca. 1990Felt doll - ca 1990

They're made using a combination of 100% acrylic and some wool-blend felt (whatever we could find -- it seems like the fabric store carried more variety of felt squares then), but I really preferred the wool even then. The texture is just so wonderful!

I also recently got this book:

I'm so excited to try some of the projects in it! The baby booties and briefcase are especially intriguing.

My favorite felt is the plant-dyed, 100% wool variety (it can be purchased online from A Child's Dream Come True), but really, any 100% wool felt is heavenly to me. I love the feel of it, the way it takes color, the complete potential living within it. When I see a lovely stack of felt, I see endless possibility. I have a potato crate full of nothing but felt and felting supplies in our office/craft room. It was my first crafting love, afterall! (Lots of notes on the flickr page.)

Felt cabinet

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the clearance fabric at JoAnn and found 10 bolts of wool felt for $4 a yard. And it was Veteran's Day, so everything on the clearance rack was 50% off. So, I stocked up! It's the 60/40 wool/rayon blend, but I was really excited about it anyway! I love the colors! Don't know what it'll become, but I have a tendency to horde felt, anyway.


That same week I was lying in bed thinking about these, and wondering if I'd ever be able to find them in my seven years of back issues of Martha (which are currently in storage anyway since I don't have the shelf space for them right now. Sigh.) And then, miraculously, there they were in Handmade Holiday Gifts (which, also somewhat miraculously, managed to "fall into my shopping cart", as a friend of mine would say). It was all so serendipitous, really, because Elisabeth & I have been reading "The Shoemaker & the Elves" over the last couple of weeks, and now we're going to make slippers -- I think she and James and my sister's step-daughters will each get a pair; and if we have time, perhaps some for Daddy & me. Pictures soon!

{On another shoemaker note, it also happened that a pair of my shoes needed to be repaired this week, so we got to visit a cobbler's shop and see their real tools. Elisabeth was fascinated.}