Wild about Wool!


(Fingerknitting with Lamb's Pride bulky.)

As I was preparing yesterday's post, I got to thinking about my love of all things wool. I'm pretty sure that wool is my favorite "thing" in the entire world. Everywhere I look in my home, I find woolen things: felted pincushion, felt beads, woolen friends on our nature table, woolen long johns on my wee ones, woolen diaper covers on my baby (my love of wool diaper covers could be whole post in itself). I can't even begin to go into how many woolen items there are in my own wardrobe.

Wool longjohns

Longjohns by Ruskovilla.

Wool diaper cover

My favorite wool diaper cover, by LANACare.

Nothing could be cozier! I love natural fibers anyway, and wool is the best of them all. And I love that when we are finished with it, it goes back to the earth.