I've been reading all over blogland about this February Funk. It's funny, because part of me wants to exclaim, "Yes! Absolutely!" at the sheer recognition. And part of me, well, relishes February. Like Stephanie, I appreciate that the days are noticeably longer now; that the sun rises with me, instead of long after. I appreciate that Valentine's Day always brings with it a little taste of spring, but usually with the promise of one or two more cozy, snowy days to follow. (Usually in April, in my geographical area.) 

On the other hand, with my birthday falling at the end of this month, February does feel like a long wait: until my birthday, until the end of winter, etc. Sometimes, in the throes of February, winter can feel neverending. There is so much to look forward to, and it seems that time ticks away so slowly.

So, I don't seem to fall into either February "camp." There are definitely a lot of "blahs," but I do appreciate the stillness that comes at this time. Winter has officially settled in, and although there are signs to remind us that spring will certainly come again, there is still a need to look inward, snuggle down, and accept the winteriness of it all. It is a good lesson in mindfulness and peace for me.