Happy Valentine's Day

Apple + Paint = Valentines

I have never really been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because being homeschooled, I never did that whole exchanging-cartoon-character-Valentines-with-classmates thing. Or maybe it's because my birthday is less than two weeks later, and given a choice between a "big" Valentine's Day or birthday, I'd definitely prefer to have a fuss made over me on my birthday, so Valentine's Day has always been downplayed in relationships I've had. At any rate, I've never really cared about day one way or the other.

Making apple print valentines Elisabeth's Valentines

When Elisabeth was a tiny baby, I came across this book, which has been so very influential in many of the choices and traditions we've instituted in our family. What struck me about its discussion of Valentine's Day is that for many adults, it seems like a silly holiday to celebrate, but for children, it is a very special day. So we make it a family-centered day. Elisabeth is so thrilled about our special family party tonight after I get home from work (you know, teaching cello lessons ... I job I sometimes groan about "having on the schedule," but one I really and truly love).

Valentine's Day morning ~ for Elisabeth

I am so thrilled about the joy my daughter takes in being with and celebrating with her family, and about the opportunity that each holiday & festival (no matter how minor) offers to mark the passing of another year in the lives of my children; to remember what they were like and doing last Valentine's Day, and to look forward to what they will be like and doing next Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day morning ~ for JJ

No matter what this day means or marks for you, I hope that it is filled with love and sweetness.