two of the three

cherry pie

Mmmm. Cherry pie. Courtesy of my mama. (An aside: it's only been since I started this blog that I began to refer to her as my "mama" -- we've always just said "mom" -- but then I found out that she'd always wanted us to call her "mama" but my dad couldn't break the habit of referring to her as "mom" around us. I have been very insistent since Elisabeth was born that I am to be called Mama and nothing else! I hate the name "mom"!)

Anyway, by now I'm sure no one wants to hear me complain some more about my slow internet connection. But really, I've been trying to upload these pictures for two days, and the session just keeps timing out, and I keep giving up. So, at least one birthday goodie is going to have to wait another day.

Thank you all so much for your very sweet birthday wishes! I am just overwhelmed with gratitude. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I ever got 492 comments to a single post!


So, there was no snow on my birthday (though it's snowy today -- a belated birthday surprise from the heavens, no doubt), but plenty of cherry pie and these wool gifts. The pink is locally spun and handpainted (sorry, can't give away where "local" is) and the blue is just Lion Brand, from the craft store, but I was immensely thrilled with Elisabeth for picking it out on her own when taken to the craft store to choose something for me. She knew it had to be "100% wole" (as she says). She also made this for me:

hair tie

It's a "hair tie." Obviously.

some birthday books

This was also a good year for book-gifts. My husband gave these two to me. The left one has already helped clarify some things for me (I have a new-to-me serger), and I already have many plans and ideas for the one on the right!

some more birthday books

And these, along with this, were from my parents. I love taking pictures, I love my camera, but I want to be able to photograph objects better than I've been able to so far. I am happy with my pictures of my wee ones, but I have not yet discovered how to "style" a photograph of food or my own creative works so that the photo looks really beautiful. These books are good photography books, but not quite in the exact vein that I need. Any recommendations?

We had a lovely, quiet dinner out with my parents and the four of us at a small family-owned Italian restaurant where they still serve the old homemade spaghetti, and plenty of good wine. Then we came home, ate pie, and enjoyed the Academy Awards. Because what could be more fun on your birthday than a night at the Oscars, right?!!