more birthday goodness

birthday book

Here's some more birthday goodness. Natural Knits for Babies and Moms, a gift from my friend Laura (who happens to be sweet C's mama, as well). This book has become an instant favorite. I am just not sure what to make first!


First off, I absolutely adore these booties. They are just perfect in their complete simplicity. I love the garter stitch on the soles.


Awww, look at that peaceful wee dreamer.


I instantly loved these mittens. Look at that stripey, mitteny goodness!


I cannot resist the cuteness of these kimono sweaters. Oh, so yummy!


And finally, the vest. I never really thought I was a vest person, until I saw my son in one at Christmas, when I promptly changed my mind. I love the subtle striping on this one. So cute! Is it calling my name for Easter?