lunch fun

lunch 1

Months ago, when Amanda first put placemats up in her Etsy shop, I really fell in love with the "winter bird" ones. They sold, of course, while I was still trying to make a decision. I emailed Amanda, and she graciously agreed to make some more for us after the holidays (which was super kind because she normally does not take custom orders). Anyway, they came quite a while ago, and I've just been behind in sharing them. (We got two.)

Elisabeth has been enjoying using them for her lunch. (These lunch shots are from two different days. I know it's hard to tell since she apparently has the same thing every day.)

lunch 2

Elisabeth really loves the fact that her little bowls and cup fit so perfectly over the little circles on the left-hand side of the mat, and the fact that the (very pretty!) napkin has its own pocket.

Oh, and regarding our lunches, because I think you'll ask ... we seem to have soup on most days (generally leftover, but canned on occasion). In these photos, she's also enjoying cherry tomatoes, pears, and Annie's bunny crackers.