Yarn for the vest

Who needs a swift ...

I decided that this vest really was calling my name to knit for James to wear on Easter. (And many times thereafter, I'm sure.) I've been wanting to try some of the Cotton Comfort (80% fine wool, 20% organic cotton ~ yum!) yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery for a while now, but didn't have a specific project in mind until now. It's the yarn featured in the book, which made the choice that much easier.

blue yarn for vest

My wee ones and I had a nice time winding the hanks into balls yesterday (really, who needs a swift when you've got two little ones?!) Well, actually, I wound it while they played in it. It took a bit longer, with more tangles than if I'd done it alone, but really, where else would I rather be?

Who needs a swift ...

And the yarn is so yummy. I love that it has just enough cotton to give it that light feel, but the wool gives it beautiful stretch and drape. I haven't cast on yet (one can only do so many projects while sick), but I know I'm going to like working with it. I'm really excited! Now, let's see how fast I can be!

{PS: Thank you all so very, very much for your many get-well wishes over the last few days. I have determined that I probably do not have strep throat (my sore throat has been steadily improving), but I'm still quite sick. As many of you know, when mama is sick, it kind of seems to knock the whole family out. Fortunately, I don't seem to get sick like this very often, and my husband is extremely good in times like this. I am still optimistic that I can complete a skirt for myself by Saturday and manage to be the "photographer" for my sister's wedding party. Because, you know, just going and taking the pictures is not enough; I really need a new skirt for the event!}