Still no picture, alas. Still so very, very sick. I am really hoping to be better by Saturday, because it's my sister's post-wedding wedding reception that night, and I am on the books to be the photographer!

Anyway, this is kind of funny -- it shows how deliriously sick I am, and how I should be in bed, not on the computer. I was just looking at this blog to check that the formatting looked all right & everything, and I got caught up reading yesterday's poem. Then, I apparently forgot whose blog I was reading, because as my eyes wandered to the sidebar, I noticed that this person had a lot -- wait, all! -- of the same books on her "Reading" list. My heart skipped a beat a little. Wow! What an incredible coincidence! And then, after being a bit confused for several seconds, I finally realized that this was my own blog. I am going straight to bed now. ;)