Welcome, busy April

It seems that April is one of the busiest months of the year for our family. Of course, Elisabeth's birthday on the 10th is huge. But Easter also falls in this month (most years), and there are a slew of other birthdays -- from my brother, to nieces & nephews, to two of our family's closest little friends -- to prepare for and celebrate.

So, I'm spending a lot of time looking over my "lists" (don't laugh -- I go completely crazy without them), planning & making gifts, cards, Easter goodies, and birthday party fun. There has been much knitting going on over the last week (the vest will be completed in time!), and there are still some sewing projects to complete before Elisabeth's birthday. And we'll dye eggs, of course, and probably do some other Easter crafties ...

bedtime in spring

Of course, during all of this busyness (yes, I know that is not the correct spelling of that word), spring is sneaking up on us, and my wee ones are getting off to bed before dark. After their bath the other night, this fact really seemed to feel "real" to all of us, and there was some impromptu frolicking on the grass in summery pajamas before going in and settling down to some poems.

And then it's back to work for Mama. But not without a treat.

april requires a treat

{Edited: I so rudely neglected to share what this treat actually was. It was strawberry sorbet topped with vegan chocolate chips and some coconut that I toasted in my toaster oven. I don't know how many times I've mentioned our allergies on this blog already ~ maybe 70? ~ but, James and I are both allergic to milk. So, no real ice cream for me, and no milk chocolate, either. Although, honestly, I don't really mind about the chocolate bit, at least. Chocolate is neither here nor there for me. ;)}