A Special Day

It seems like I dropped off the face of the earth, right? Nope, I'm still here. I just don't know how some of you manage to keep up on your blogs even in the midst of busy holiday weeks. I even have a backlog of ideas for posts. But ... well, at least I'm here right now!!

birthday cookie

I was informed on Monday that "April threeth" was Claire's birthday, which was the very next day. So, a birthday party was held on Tuesday afternoon, complete with birthday crown, of course.

blowing out the candle

We made Elisabeth's "Secret Recipe" for chocolate chip cookies (see below), and enjoyed birthday festivities fit for such a special dolly.

have a bite, claire!

When I created these dolls for my wee ones, I made them partly because I wanted them to have this style of doll and wasn't in a financial position to buy them for full retail price, and partly because I wanted to try the project. I figured that they would be enjoyed and played with, but I did not anticipate how much of a companion Claire would actually become. She is in Elisabeth's bed every night, and she is the first doll for whom we've had to have a "real" birthday party. peek

I know that I could gloat about how much this thing that I made for my child has become a treasured possession, but, truthfully, it isn't about me. Those dolls carry a magic beyond what I could have imbued them with; they are as magical as if they had been made in the real elves' shop (they were a Santa gift) and not in my tiny workspace in stolen moments. I have relinquished the credit for them, and it's not difficult or bittersweet for me at all. In fact, I am grateful for the opportunity it gives me to step outside of myself and believe in magic that much more.

claire's plate

Elisabeth's Secret Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mix together:
Powdered Sugar
Chocolate Chips

Flour rolling pin; flour mat; roll out. Cut into teeny and big circles with a cookie cutter. Put on tray. Bake for 2 seconds; they will be poofy and hard.