A Request

As I alluded in my last post, we have been feeling a lot of stress lately with regard to my husband's job. In addition to all of his performing, he's an assistant high school music teacher. His current position has been eliminated for the fall (budget cuts), but that's OK because he was already applying to replace the music director at his school, who has decided to pursue other things in life. But as the application and interview process is becoming more and more drawn out and convoluted, we're beginning to fear the worst. And I've been experiencing some physical symptoms of stress (stomachaches and so forth), to which I'm particularly prone, being so Type A and all.

So, my request of you is: if you have some positive energy & good karma, will you send some our way? If you pray, will you include our little family in your prayers? I surely would appreciate it.

Thank you, dear friends.