vw buses!

I am pretty sure that I can't be the first person to have thought of this, but this spring when I received the Mini Boden catalog, with the VW bus t-shirt, I immediately thought of the VW bus fabric by Heather Ross. Anyway, I mentioned that to my mom in passing, and she thought it was so cute that bought the t-shirt for James, and I made him these pants. It is probably a bit over the top to wear a VW bus t-shirt and pants, but, you know, the coincidence was too much fun for me to ignore.


I also just had to add -- look who's walking! He started taking some steps soon after his birthday, but it was really in the last couple of weeks that he really took off. It's so much fun! My baby is a toddler!


I want to thank all of you who left encouraging comments or sent emails over the last, very anxious, week. We won't have any news regarding my husband's job until the end of this week at the earliest, but I will surely be on here right away when we know anything.

I also wanted to add, as many of you have asked and/or guessed, that Elisabeth's beautiful princess gown was indeed made by her friends' mother, my dear friend Laura, who is very clever and crafty, thank you very much. Especially impressive to me is that she adapted/drafted her own pattern for the dress, which is truly more stunning in person than even in the photos!!