Bloggy Stuff

I finally decided to add a blogroll. (Down there in the right sidebar ... with squillions of blogs, see it? Could you really miss it?) This is something I have really struggled with since beginning the blog because, at first, I didn't know many of you and only read the "usual" blogs. Then I started getting a complex about if I added a blogroll, who would be left out? Certainly someone. Then I thought I'd try doing a rotating short list. But, seriously, I doubt I'd ever rotate it. So, I finally decided to throw one together today. This certainly does not comprise every blog I've ever read or ever hope to read, or even everyone I subscribe to over on Bloglines. But it's a start. And it's awfully long. Yikes.

Now on to a more complainy bloggy thing. When I first named this blog, I checked a number of avenues to make sure it wasn't in use. I have always had the intention of setting up the domain (i.e. uncommongrace(dot)com), and made sure it wasn't already in use at the time that I started the blog. I had never gotten around to buying my domain name because it was just another expense, la-di-da, until last night, that is. So, now someone has gone out and purchased this domain name (since I originally checked its availability) and is using it to advertise a certain domain hosting company. There is no content on it besides these advertisements. Not to be too conspiracy-theory-ish, but I think it was purchased by one of those entities that buys up domain names so that when the actual person comes along who wants to use it, they'll have to buy it back for a large (to me, at least) sum of money. The owner of this domain name is private ... protected by one of those "proxy" companies. When I found this out last night, I was so disappointed and upset.

Edited to add: My husband later did a little search and it appears that the domain is actually owned by GoDaddy. My guess is that when I originally checked with them for the domain availability but then didn't buy it, it tipped them off that someone was interested in purchasing this domain, and they snatched it up. They offer a "service" that will allow me to "bargain with the owner" of the domain name. It would cost me a few hundred dollars to go about it this way. Sneaky, right?

We are going through a rough week here, anyway. Daddy is back to work this week. (New job! Scary!) James is teething and seems to have roseola. I have a knitting deadline to fulfill for tomorrow. And now my domain is stolen from me! There are a lot of tears in our house right now.